Professional Coaching & Mentoring


Start Your New Life Today and Change The Future!

Spiritual Mentorship

 We offer spiritual mentoring for those who need to understand their purpose and identity with more clarity and greater insight. We grow and evolve more rapidly when we seek the Creator of heaven & Earth.

Personal Development

Understanding who you are, what you possess, and the reason you’re here on Earth can be life-changing. Many times we need assistance, consultation & professional support to see the gifts that lie within.

Stress Management

Stress management is possible. When we uncover the source & use the right tools at the right times. We want to assist & support you on this journey, as you optimize your health  and begin to enjoy your life.

Kingdom Business Ethics

We focus on developing the mindset, character, and work ethic necessary for greater productivity. Time management, diversity & inclusion, and relational transactions challenge us to go beyond our present boundaries into  success.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Let’s come together and find the answers you need.

What Is Life Coaching?

Coaching is the skill of providing ongoing, specific feedback in order to support learning, development and advancement.  It’s directly aimed at inducing new perspectives, positive energy and purposeful action to improve the trajectory, behavior, and performance of an individual or company of people.

Coaching is for those who are ready to become intentional, responsible and accountable in order to see successful transformation within, relationships, careers, or regular daily living.

How Do I know if Professional Mentoring is Right For Me?

Mentoring helps you to excel in concentrated areas of life and to become the greatest expression of yourself. This also involves helping you achieve your goals, introducing you to new ways of thinking, challenging your mental perceptions and limitations, while teaching you life lessons, and a whole lot more.

Would having a personal mentor and accountability become a game changer?

Accountability produces partnership for success. Mentoring produces the empowerment and confidence to advance, fulfill  or establish any desired goal or new venture.


Do you need help discovering your true identity and purpose?

Our mentors are trained to unlock the true nature of your identity. We empower you to look beyond the surface of familiarity, peer pressure and conformity, and other stumbling blocks that normally keep us aimlessly wandering in mediocrity or deeply suppressed.

Do you feel stuck because you lack clarity and vision?

One cannot go any further than his or her understanding. Mentors help to broaden your understanding, equip you with the right tools, and support your progression.  They are not just motivational speakers, they are experienced interactive advisers that guide you into greatness.

Would you change anything about your life if you could?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time for your “would” to become “I will”. Let me and my team help you establish your goals and  desires.

Group Mentoring

This gives instruction, and accountability. Focused-interaction activates new vision, behaviors, and habits. Along with this, you’ll have the support and direction needed for a transformed life.

Relationship Coaching

We’re here to help you establish the strong, healthy relationships that you’re meant to have. You CAN be successful at building great relationships! They are the key to fulfillment. Do not fear relationship any longer! 

Life Coaching

We’re ready to provide the personal feedback you need for empowerment and advancement.  We aim to strategize & partner with you for the success you need to fulfill your purpose and meet your goals.

Virtual Coaching

When it’s time for a new narrative,  you must be ready & willing to shift gears and take it to the next level! We can do that virtually to get you moving without leaving your home.

My Approach

My team and I pour time, energy, and resources into coming up with a custom-made plan for you to gain the confidence, wisdom, and strategies you need for successful living.  Everyone is not built the same, nor do they have the same needs. So we provide tailor-made professional consulting and solutions for the mind, body, soul and spirit, according to your specific goals, gifts, and strengths. 

We believe that you are worth so much more than you know, at this point.  There is greatness on the inside of you that’s waiting to be revealed. We take action by equipping you to come out of  “the lesser place” and training you to think and dream higher.

How It Works


Choose a Coaching Plan or Mentoring Package

Reach Your Goals

Need A quick 30min check-in to stay on track?

GROUP Monthly package – $40 per month

This includes 1 hour of virtual group mentorship or coaching twice a month. This requires undivided attention, focus, commitment and determination. You have to be fully engaged in a group setting. Attend CHOSEN EVENT:  $10 off

GROUP Monthly package + MORE – $80 per month

Same as above, with more. We offer 1 hour of virtual group mentorship/ coaching twice a month  +   (1) 1hr strategy session and (1) 30 min follow-up for accountability. Attend CHOSEN EVENT: Extra $10 off




2 Week Individual Coaching Plan or Mentoring Package

This includes the initial 1 on 1 (15min), and two 1 hour coaching/strategy sessions, and a follow-up/accountability session.  This requires undivided attention, focus, commitment and determination. This is shifting into full gear with your mind, body, and service. (Virtual or in-person)

THIS MONTH ONLY – 20% off ;  Attend CHOSEN EVENT: Extra $10 off



REVIVIFY –  A 3-Week 1 on 1 Intensive Coaching 

NITTY GRITTY WORK! This is where we get down to work for three weeks! YOU MUST KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT FOR REVIVIFY. We set goals, create frameworks, remove obstacles FOR 3 WEEKS and  get you moving quickly! This includes more strategy, consultation, and accountability with UNLIMITED email communications for 3 weeks. 

THIS MONTH ONLY – 30% off ; CHOSEN EVENT: $10 off



More Details

Initial 30 min Consultation – $25, Two mentoring or coaching Sessions -$125 each,  + follow-up $25

4 Week Coaching Plan or Mentoring Package

This includes the initial 1 on 1, and three intense weeks of coaching, and a follow-up session . This requires the same amount of  undivided attention, focus, commitment and determination as our 2-week package, but we include more strategy sessions, and scheduled accountability follow-up calls, with unlimited email communications.  a couple of phone assessments and strategy sessions. (Virtual or in-person)

Sign up today and get a 10% discount off full package. Plus Bonuses!




More Details

Initial Consult – FREE; Three Coaching Sessions -$120 each; a follow-up; CHOSEN EVENT: $10 off

7 Week Coaching Plan or Mentoring Package

This includes the initial one on one, and seven intense weeks of coaching. This requires the same amount of  undivided attention, focus, commitment and determination as our 2-week package, but we include more strategy sessions, consultation, and  scheduled follow-up calls, with unlimited email communications. Purchase today and receive a $25 discount and a free E-book with discount code. (Virtual or in-person)


More Details

Initial Consult – FREE; Four Coaching Sessions -$120 each, Two Follow-ups $50; CHOSEN EVENT: $10 off

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor and ready to transform lives, join our Mentoring Group today!

Still Have Questions?

Once again, I am here to help, equip and support you in any way possible. Feel free to message us with any questions or concerns you may have to gain clarity, vision or understanding.  Click here to send a message.